Steven Levy at Google with Matt Cutts

Steven Levy, the tech reporter that most tech reporters look up to. He has interviewed legends of tech, has access to companies like Google and Apple more than others. He is a legend and when he called out Google’s search algorithm for failing him and searchers yesterday, Google’s Danny Sullivan noticed and went on the defensive.

Here is Steven’s tweet:

In short, Steven said Google’s algorithm weighs freshness way to much in their ranking algorithm.

Danny Sullivan, now at Google, responds, saying you should check out our before: and after: search commands – they are new and shiny. But yea, we are interested in examples, can you share example queries of where we failed you in your search.

Let’s see if this results in any changes in the Google search algorithm?

Oh, and if you are interested in that photo. It was Matt Cutts interviewing Steven Levy at Google about his book, In The Plex:

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