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Now we’ve got another idea from BK’s innovation inferno: flame-grilled glasses.

Agency Buzzman and Burger King France are rolling out drinking glasses partially melted under intense heat. These “flame-grilled glasses” will be given out free for a limited time with Cheese and Bacon Whopper meals.

Working with tableware company ARC, the burger chain created 1,519,229 unique glasses for the promotion, and the marketing team expects some of the more unusual shapes to become collectors’ items. The campaign will be promoted via TV, digital and out-of-home ads.






Client: Burger King France
Chief Marketing Officer: Alexandre Simon
Product Marketing Officer: Carole Rousseau
Marketing Product Manager: Marc Durand Perdriel
Communication Manager: Lucile Zoude
Marketing Project Manager: Anne Bermond

Agency: Buzzman
President and Executive Creative Director: Georges Mohammed-Chérif
Vice President: Thomas Granger
Managing Director: Julien Levilain
Art Directors: Mickaël Krikorian and Victor Sidoroff
Copywriters: Mickaël Krikorian and Victor Sidoroff
Account Director: Loïc Coelho
Account Manager: Adélaïde Destaillats
Account Executive: Marc-Antoine Fiard
Head of Strategic Planning: Clément Scherrer
Head of PR & Communication: Amélie Juillet
PR & Communication Manager: Paul Renaudineau
PR & Communication Assistants: Nina Barbanel & Clémentine Eouzan
Head of TV Production: Vanessa Barbel
Producer: Katya Violi
Rights Management: Dee Perryman

Production: My Kitchen Society
Postproduction: Firm
Sound Production: Schmooze
Director: Brice Vassault

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