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LinkedIn added two features to LinkedIn Messenger aimed at facilitating face-to-face meetings.

Members of the professional network can now share their scheduling availability directly within conversations on the LinkedIn Android application, with the feature to be extended to iOS soon.

Users can tap the calendar icon in order to grant the LinkedIn app access to the calendars on their mobile devices, and then select available time slots to suggest.

LinkedIn said it will soon add the ability to see whether a proposed time works and send a confirmation.

Associate product manager Hannah Cutler wrote in a blog post, “Many of you have shared that you often coordinate meetings with the people you chat with in LinkedIn Messenger—for example, a student reaching out to alumni for advice, setting up a meeting with a recruiter to talk about a job opportunity or scheduling a call with a customer. We know scheduling can often be a pain; you have to switch back-and-forth between apps to check your calendar, copy and paste multiple time slots and then coordinate with the other person. So, we set out to streamline this process.”

Now that the “when” is taken care of, LinkedIn also added a feature to help people determine the “where.”

Users on its iOS and Android app can now tap on the map pin icon in the message compose box to send a location to a connection.

People can also share their current one-time locations, such as when they are in another city or at an event.


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