Google seems to be rolling out a new feature in the search results designed to bring more attention and awareness to features within Google Search Console.

What’s the update? Google may show verified site owners a brief dashboard of their website performance statistics from Google Search Console right in the search results, as a teaser, to get them to click into Google Search Console and learn more about their sites.

The dashboard shows clicks, impressions and average position for the past 28 days compared to the previous time period. It also offers additional tips on how to improve their site in search. Google was quietly testing this feature a month ago, but as of this morning, it seems to be rolling out to all site owners.

Why should you care? This should drive more people into Google Search Console and thus bring more awareness about building healthy and successful web sites for ranking in Google search. Not only will this help site owners understand there is such a free service named Google Search Console, but it should also bring them into the toolset more often. It tells them about how well their site is performing, at a glance and drives them into an area that can pinpoint issues with their site that they can resolve. Ultimately this may lead some site owners to hiring an SEO or developer to make the changes Google is suggesting within the toolset.

How do I see this? To see this dashboard in the search results, you need to be signed in with the Google account that has access to the web site property in Google Search Console. Then you need to search for a keyword phrase where your site may come up in search. Google may then show you this dashboard in both the desktop and mobile search results.

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