If you like to watch several shows at the same time, you might want to invest in a Magic Leap headset.

Next year, AT&T plans to bring DirectTV Now to Magic Leap’s mixed-reality platform, allowing users to open several shows inside of tabs within the headset.

The news, announced today at Magic Leap’s inaugural developer conference in Los Angeles, is one of the first major steps toward where the wireless giant is heading since announcing its partnership with Magic Leap earlier this year.

According to AT&T CEO John Donovan, the potential of Magic Leap goes hand in hand with the potential growth of 5G, which he said feels similar to how the iPhone took off with the debut of 2G before growing exponentially. Donovan also announced plans to create a 5G network on Magic Leap’s campus in order to experiment with the next-generation wireless network.

“We’re building the network to be more ubiquitous coverage wise,” Donovan said. “And so this network is a game changer because it’s the first time we can say we’re near real time. … When you’re mobile and ubiquitous, it’s a game changer.”

While the Magic Leap headset market is still mostly a small subset of developers in select U.S. markets, the company has increased the number of cities in which it will be available. According to Magic Leap chief content officer Rio Caraeff, that number has already grown from the initial six to 39 and will soon increase to 50 next month. Caraeff said the device will also be available nationwide via Magic Leap’s website, with international plans also in the works. The company is also trying to make the $2,300 headset more affordable through a partnership with Affirm, which will provide interest-free financing over as long as a 24-month period.

“As more people come into the platform, the device and type of platform start to fade into the background,” Donovan said.

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