The paper that stands out on the newsstand is profitable “before an ad goes into the newspaper,” said Brendan Spain, vice president of advertising for the Americas at the Financial Times.

Nitro-Net caught up with Spain at Brandweek late last month, where we chatted about the state of the media industry, what technologies are in place at the Financial Times and how the notable, pink newsprint attracts readers and serves as a natural marketing tool.

U.S. print advertising in the Financial Times is up 18 percent this year, Spain said.

“What we’re seeing, and I think will continue to see, is a flight to quality, a flight to platforms where marketers are more certain that their messages won’t be around places that could be considered fake news,” Spain said. “I think it’s another time where we’re seeing people make sure what they’re putting in the marketplace has impact.”

That’s good news for the FT, Spain said, which expects some big brands returning to print and TV as the digital space becomes “more convoluted.”

“Digital is very much the future at the FT and we’re lucky enough to have had a great digital year this year as well. But print is certainly very important to us and a platform for our subscribers and our marketers.”

Hear more from Spain above.

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