Time’s Up has named Lisa Borders as its first president and CEO.

Borders will step down from her current role as president of the WNBA to take on the role at the beginning of November.

“Time’s Up is both a natural extension and a bold advancement of the work I have been doing for the last four decades,” Borders said in a statement. “I’m honored to have this opportunity to combine my experience working across all three sectors, as real, systemic change will require collaboration from each of these arenas. To disrupt and reinvent the ingrained status quo, we will need all hands on deck to create and sustain enduring change. I’m thrilled to lead Time’s Up, and I am convinced that together we will shift the paradigm of workplace culture.”

The group launched in early 2018 to address sexual harassment. Time’s Up Advertising extended the movement to the advertising industry in March.

“Having collaborated with Lisa for many years together around our work at Coca-Cola, I am so thrilled she will be taking on this new role as president and CEO of Time’s Up,” said DDB Worldwide president and CEO and Time’s Up Advertising founding member Wendy Clark in a statement. “But I’m not just thrilled for her or for the women of Time’s Up; I am also thrilled for my children and, indeed, for the world. While that might sound lofty, I couldn’t feel more confident that Lisa’s leadership will help guide us into a world where ‘Time’s Up’ are words future generations will never have to say.”

Borders spent three years as vice president, chairman of Coca-Cola prior to joining the WNBA in 2016 and previously spent five years as president of Grady Health Foundation.

“Time’s Up is committed to long-term, meaningful change—change that will fundamentally improve the working lives of all women and, as a result, drive better business outcomes in every industry,” Bad Robot co-CEO, Time’s Up seed funder and member of the Time’s Up president and CEO search committee Katie McGrath said in a statement. “Lisa’s leadership will guide us as we work with thoughtful men and women across all sectors to achieve shared and balanced power.”

Shonda Rhimes, who’s also a Time’s Up seed funder and member of the Time’s Up president and CEO search committee, said in a statement that with Borders in the role, “Time’s Up is now in the best position to achieve what we all started—to create a more positive future for workplace culture and a more powerful network for working women of all kinds.”

Time’s Up recently released a video created by members of Time’s Up Advertising calling on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to withdraw his nomination in response to allegations of sexual assault. Time’s Up Advertising held its first meetings in May—14 of them across 12 states—to discuss strategies for tackling the industry’s own issues with sexual harassment and gender equality.

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