The daily activities of each affiliate manager may vary, but there are core tasks that every affiliate manager much perform every day.

Let’s take a look at some of those tasks.

Review Pending Applications

As an affiliate manager, reviewing applications within 24-48 hours is a crucial part of your job. By approving, or denying an application within this timeframe, you will keep affiliates excited to promote your program. There is a reason that they applied to your program in the first place, they want to promote your product(s) and make commissions off of them.

There is an excitement and eagerness to promote your program within those first 24-48 hours, however, by only reviewing applications, let’s say, once a week, you are taking the chance of an affiliate not remembering exactly why they applied to your program, or losing out on the excitement of promoting the program that they initially had.

Check Emails

Staying on top of any questions or requests that your current affiliates or potential affiliates may have, is important to the success of any affiliate program. Some of the same reasons apply here as they do for needing to review applications within 24-48 hours.

Some affiliates may email you with the need of a coupon code, or even a content piece that they want to put together but require insights from you. By taking several days to respond, you are potentially losing out on a missed opportunity to grow your affiliate program.

An affiliate manager may spend a significant amount of time in a day responding to current affiliate requests, along with responding to questions from potentially affiliates you are currently recruiting.


Speaking of recruiting. This is where an affiliate manager is going to spend majority of their time. There will be different activities that are recruiting related throughout the day that an affiliate manager may be required to do. Here are a few:

– Finding sites within a niche
– Finding similar websites to your own and then finding who links to them
– Recruiting within the network itself
– Finding contact information for all of the websites found above
– Sending out emails to all recruits
– Tracking responses from recruited affiliates
– Sending out follow up emails to all recruits

As you can see, the amount of time on a daily basis that is spent on recruiting affiliates can take up majority of an affiliate manager’s day.

Create / Upload Banners

If you are designing and creating banners for your affiliate program, than you will require to spend more time here than an affiliate manager who has an in-house design team. Uploading new banners may not be something that needs to be done on a daily basis, but it is an important role of any affiliate manager.

Compliance Review

One part of an affiliate manager’s daily tasks that may get overlooked is compliance review. What do I mean by compliance review? A couple of things:

1. Coupon Usage Review – you may have coupons that are specific a win-back email campaign or loyalty coupon code that is not to be listed on coupon sites, however, the coupon sites have them listed and people are using them. It is important that an affiliate manager review all of these coupons on a daily basis to ensure that there is no coupon “hijacking” from other affiliates.
2. Paid Search Violations – if your affiliate program that you are managing does not allow specific terms to be bid on, for example, TM+ bidding, then you will want to ensure that you are tracking these every day and be able to reach out to any one who is in violation of those terms.

Newsletter Creation and Other One-Off Tasks

Affiliate Newsletter CreationI use the term one-off here because these are not activities that you will need to do every single day, but they are part of an effective affiliate manager’s task list. Creating content for affiliate newsletters, affiliate resource guides, answering and completing affiliate special requests (unique coupon codes, sample requests, cobranded landing pages, etc.).

Once again, these tasks may not be needed every single day, but they can be time consuming on the days that they are needed to be completed.


Whether you need to create daily reports, weekly, or just monthly reports, reporting on your affiliate program’s KPI’s is a critical part of any affiliate manager’s job. As with other items listed above, this may not be something that occurs on a daily basis (unless you are required to perform daily reporting), but it is a major part of what an affiliate manager does.

There are many more activities that an affiliate manager may perform, but these are the primary tasks that an affiliate manager will do on a daily basis.

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