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Over the last few years, live streaming content from across the internet has become an everyday activity for millions of consumers. In fact, you could argue it has been adopted so quickly and by so many people that it is now just as mainstream as any other form of popular modern technology such as smartphones, online casino gaming and social media.

Arguably the most successful use of this modern technology is the ability to livestream games, as it has become abundantly clear that we as human beings enjoy sharing these exciting experiences with thousands of fellow fans. This was already obvious from the incredible popularity of iGaming platforms such as online casinos, which have enabled gamers to get a more immersive experience for years now. Today, we thought we’d take a deeper look at this phenomenon and explore how the combination of livestreaming and iGaming has changed the entire industry as a whole.

Authentic Experiences, Increased Interactivity & Choice

When online casinos – and video games in general for that matter – first entered the public market, they were anything but realistic. Graphics were less than lifelike, gameplay was clunky at best and there was no way to communicate with other players unless you had a massive microphone planted on your desk or could be bothered to wait for the chat box to load.

Fortunately for iGaming fans, the industry has always been at the forefront of technological advancements and was one of the first to adopt livestreaming technology – and very importantly, made it truly interactive. Though it took a few years for the technology to catch up, many online iGaming operators are now able to offer a diverse range of live dealer games featuring trained croupiers and dealers. For instance, mrsmithcasino.co.uk offer a total of forty live games, including Live Roulette and Exclusive Blackjack options streamed from casino rooms. Not only are players able to watch these live games from the comfort of their homes, they can also interact with the dealers as well as other players in real time, no matter where in the world they may be. Right now, these types of live dealer games offer customers the most authentic casino experiences available – besides actually visiting a casino.

New Casino Celebrities Are Changing The Face of the Industry

Of course, as these livestreamed games became more popular among patrons, the professionals that actually host the games began to accumulate fame as well. Not only on actual licensed casino platforms either, as services including Twitch also host a range of casino-related livestreams. These include teaching tools that show newbies how to play everything from Texas Hold’em to blackjack, professional tournaments and even glimpses into the lives of famous players.

Many of the individuals who star in these streams now have huge followings. One such streamer and professional poker player, Kevin Martin, has stated in the past that “It’s good that you can interact with people right away, but also, it’s bad in that you, as a steamer, are very vulnerable. You really put yourself out there and people get to see all of it. One-hundred percent.”

Due to the immense popularity of live streaming casino games, we’re interested to know if you’ve ever gotten involved in the pastime. Let us know in the comments below.

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