You may have noticed a few improvements around Email on Acid this past week. In an effort to constantly improve our offerings to you, we’re always updating and tweaking our tools to suit your needs.

If you notice anything looking funky inside EOA, you will need to clear your cache. That will return the system to normality.

A streamlined user experience

We have been listening to customer feedback and are working to make testing even easier for you. We’ve streamlined our interface, but don’t worry, all of the features you know and love are still there – they might just in another place now.

Individual Email Client Preview tools

You’ll notice we’ve moved our tools such as re-processing and test marking to the top right of the screen now. This allows you to focus on what matters, your previews.

Overall tools

On the main testing page our tools have been consolidated into one button. We’ve done this to remove visual distractions and make your testing easier and faster.

Developer tools

We’ve made our email testing tools even more prominent. It’s now easier than ever to use these extensive features including; code analysis, code discrepancies, Tips & Tricks, and FAQs.

Navigation changes

You’ll notice in your account that the top navigation has been improved. You can now see your notifications, change your account settings, or see EOA’s system status all from the handy position in your top navigation.

New and shiny features

We’re super excited to tell you all about two new features we’ve added to Email on Acid. We know you’ll love these features.

Sort-by Client Market Share

In arguably our most exciting new feature you can organize your test results by popularity. This can be toggled between our previous option “Type” which will organize the preview results by the type of client; Mobile, Desktop or Web. By switching to our new “Most Common” you will see your tests organized by the popularity of that email client, allowing you to test your emails on the clients that subscribers are opening them on.

Full-view thumbnails

If you’re viewing email previews or tests in Editor, you’ll notice you can now toggle between full or cropped thumbnail views. This also includes shared tests. This enables you to test even faster than before.

We’re always improving

At Email on Acid providing a quality service to our customers is our lifeblood. We’d love to hear what you think of these improvements and new features. If you have any comments, questions or any feature requests please reach out to us through our help desk.

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